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We create the value to the Australian Brand Owners!

Oz-Town is an authorised Campaign Partner of the ‘Australian Made’ brand in China and CIIE. We have established strategic retail partnerships in key regions across China. In China, Oz-town facilitates the marketing of Australian-made products to a wide range of retail distribution partners and supports sales through multiple Oz-Town branded retail and online channel partners, through the major event of CIIE for example to shift the brand into Chinese market.

Oz-Town offers Australian companies seeking to export to China a competitive edge through its strong relationships with strategic partners in China. The experience team “ Know How” will help the Australian Made Licences to move into China more effect and more smooth.


Our Vision

We believe that Australian producers are amongst the best in the world and well-placed to concentrate on “cracking” the Chinese market. Our vision is to provide a proactive and multi-faceted platform for “Trade, Investment, and Services” for Australian companies who are strong believers of their products and are brave enough to move into the Chinese market. We are highly skilled and experienced at helping you to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in place, as well as the CIIE to make It happen. Wellness are the key for the product section.

Our Business

Oz-Town’s business model is unique, from Factory (manufacturing) to Business (sales) (F2B). We are a One-Stop platform for launching Australian companies into China, to make the complex cross-border process of Factory to Business easily and directly, taking care of many steps in between for you. We are passionate about continuously bringing Australian Made products to China as well as helping the Australian Made Australian Grown (AMAG) brand, developing the channels through our established and extensive partner network.

Our Team

Our experience team covers the knowledge of the supply chain, including export, import  and distributions, most important we do have the net work in china including the government agent, industry leaders, as well as the distribution channels ,including on-line and off-line. The team also have extensive experience to deal with both Australian and Chinese culture.


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