2021 the 4th CIIE – Australian Made & OZ-Town Exhibition Group Review

On the 10th of November 2021, the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) came to an end. Nearly 3,000 global companies participated, including some of the world’s top 500 companies, and more than 100 Australian companies. This time, due to the upgrading of epidemic prevention and control, it has increased the difficulty of participating in the exhibition, but also protected the safety of exhibitors. The 6-day exhibition ended with zero infection, which made the whole world appreciate Shanghai’s epidemic prevention ability. It has also realized what the president Mr. Xi Jinping mentioned in his speech, ” Let the Breeze of Openness Bring Warmth to the World”.

Australian Made and Oz-Town exhibition group are enthusiastic about the CIIE and overcome many difficulties to participate in the exhibition, and finally completed this exhibition successfully! A total of 11 companies and more than 500 samples of SKUs entered the exhibition. And except for one of the 35 registered exhibitors from Hebei, all exhibitors entered successfully. Among them, four CEOs who flew back from Australia also successfully completed the 14+7 days quarantine, 12 COVID-19 tests, and the 6-day exhibition. These are satisfactory answers for Oz-Town.

Picture 丨 2021 China International Import Expo Exhibition Group Brand Wall

Exhibition Group Activity Review

This year, we continued the previous two years’ exhibition activities,including visit the wine museum of our partner Lucky Horse, participated in the business matching organized by Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, and the business matching organized by the Bank of China.

At the business matching organized by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Ms. Liu Xiaoyan, the leader of the Australian Made and OZ-Town exhibition group, introduced Australian made and the brand features of the exhibition group. The vice governor of Hunan province leads more than 300 companies’ representatives to attend the meeting.

Picture 丨 Ms. Liu Xiaoyan delivered a speech at the Hunan Business Matching

Our exhibition group has received strong support from Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), and Austrade help our exhibition group to promote products online. Also, our exhibition group participated in the Austrade online business matching and Austrade dinner during the CIIE.

Picture丨A group photo of the exhibition group participating in the Austrade dinner

Mr. Dominic Trindade, the Australia Consul General in Shanghai, and the Australian government delegation visited our booth, and our exhibitors held a signing ceremony under the witness of the Consul General. After that, Ms. Liu Bing, Deputy Consul-General (Commercial) of the Austrade, visited our exhibitors and expressed her full support for the development of Australian companies in China.

Picture丨A group photo of Mr. Dominic Trindade and our Australian exhibitors
Picture丨A group photo of Ms. Liu Bing and our Australian exhibitors
Picture丨the signing ceremony
Picture丨the signing ceremony

Media Coverage Review

In the CIIE, Australian Made and Oz-Town Exhibition Group, as the largest single delegation from Australia, has been highly valued and reported by the media. Among them, China Enterprise News, Shenzhen TV and Phoenix TV conducted special interviews and reports on our exhibition group.

Ms. Liu Xiaoyan introduced the characteristics of each participating brand in detail to the three media and invited the brand representatives to promote their own brands.

During the interview, Steven Yu, CEO of Azure Health Products, who traveled thousands of miles to participate in the exhibition, introduced their products to the media. At the same time, he also expressed strong confidence in the Chinese market and hoped to continue to participate in the CIIE next year and increase exposure in the Chinese market through the platform of CIIE.

In addition to Azure Health Products, sales representatives from Laucke Flour and Moroka also specially came from Australia to participate in the exhibition. Laucke Flour is a household flour brand in Australia. They hope to bring their excellent products to China through this CIIE, so that the Chinese people can enjoy their products.

Moroka’s main product is lactoferrin powder. According to its sales manager, this product is the world’s first product certified by an authoritative testing agency. The formula has antiviral activity and can neutralize the SARS-COV-2 virus.

Azure Health Products manager introduces their new products
Laucke Flour Manager explains their brand story
Moroka Manager recommends their featured products

Create a better future in the 2022 CIIE

The successful result of this year’s exhibition, including business matching, media promotion, and the quality of the purchasing companies, has brought our exhibitors’ full confidence. And the power of the CIIE is incomparable. In addition, with the development of the post-epidemic era next year, the Chinese market will be a focus of global attention. CIIE is the most important exhibition in China, so we will not miss this opportunity. Australian Made and OZ-Town exhibition groups have decided to continue to participate in the next CIIE.

Oz-town has signed a 3-year strategic cooperation agreement with the CIIE Bureau, which will give our exhibition group a priority to reserve the booth. And the exhibition group has also signed a contract for the pavilion of Food and Beverage and Medical in 2022.

The Australian federal and state governments are also actively encouraging Australian brands to go international, and China is the largest market, so the 2022 CIIE is a good opportunity for Australian governments and companies to enter the Chinese market.

Our existing exhibition group brands, Australian Natural Biotechnology, Unibale and W&H, have confirmed their participation in CIIE 2022. Meanwhile, Austar, Dairy-Pacific and Australia Biotechnology Corporation, as new entrants for 2022, have also signed contracts with the exhibition group.

We look forward to a fruitful 2022 and gather at the CIIE.

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