CIIE 2019 Shanghai

The second China international import expo was successfully held in Shanghai from from 5-10th Nov 2019. A total of 181 countries and regions, 3,800 enterprises and 500,000 professional buyers participated in the expo. Throughout the expo, there large number of people come and visit the show, and the participants are more than 910,000.

With both branding and financial support from AMCL,  Oz-Town organised 15 Australian Made enterprises to participate in this 6-day expo and presented a very successful pavilion.

The Oz-Town pavilion of 100 square meters was located in the Food and Beverage area. Surrounded by Russian pavilion , Spain pavilion and Singapore pavilion .The branding strongly featured the AMAG logo, clearly establishing the Australian connection. 

The 15 brands displayed on the walls of the exhibit were:

During the exhibition, in addition to participating in specific business cooperation, Oz-Town also organized a CCTV interview with exhibitors (Ian Harrison participated on behalf of the entire team), as well as interviews with Hunan Satellite TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV and China Universal Television Carry out a full range of publicity on the brand and products of Australian Made & Oz-Town Pavilion, so that more Chinese people can understand and be familiar with “Australian Made”.

Video: Ian Harrison (Oz-Town consultant, former CEO of Australian Made) participated in CCTV interview on behalf of the team

Also, Australian Made & Oz-Town Pavilion has been supported and affirmed by officials from various Australian state governments. The Deputy Premier, and Minister for Regional New South Wales, Industry and Trade (Mr. John Barilaro), the South Australia Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment (Mr. David Ridgway MLC), senior government officials from Western Australia and Victoria visited Australian Made & Oz-Town Pavilion and give exhibitors encouragement and support for their products.

Picture: Deputy Premier of New South Wales (John Barilaro) visits the pavilion
Picture: South Australia Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment (David Ridgway MLC) visits the pavilion

During the expo, Oz-Town Pavilion’s commercial signing exceeded US$100 million. Exhibitors received a lot of intentional orders and strategic cooperation, and some companies directly obtained actual orders.

For exhibitors whose products have entered the Chinese market, this exhibition has obtained a lot of trade information from other channels, broadened the scope of trade, and made a good promotion of existing dealers. For exhibitors with new products entering the Chinese market, this exhibition gained a lot of domestic user experience and feedback, found domestic companies with the intent to cooperate, and signed online and offline strategic cooperation agreements.

During this period, Oz-Town signed a strategic partnership with the Hunan Gaoqiao Market and the Dennis Group in Henan Province, and also signed a 5-year contract with Qinhuangdao Hegang Co., Ltd.

Picture: Oz-Town and Hunan Gaoqiao Market signed a strategic agreement
Picture: Oz-Town and Qinhuangdao Hegang Group signed a 5-year contract

Oz-Town invited around 80 business partners from China to attend the Oz-Town exhibit at CIIE during the show.

During the 6-day exhibition, Oz-Town invited more than 300 business partners from China to attend Australian Made & Oz-Town Pavilion at CIIE during the show.

In addition to that, Oz-Town organised and participated 3 major business activities in parallel with the CIIE:

  • a business matching event hosted by oz-Town
  • a business matching event hosted by Hunan Province
  • a business matching event hosted by Bank of China

The day before entering the Expo on 4th of November, Oz-Town and Lucky Horse jointly organized a business matching, inviting 30 Chinese companies from the following area to participate with this event: Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong province, Fujian province, Guangdong province, Hunan province, Jiangsu province, Hebei province, Zhejiang provinces, and other provinces.

In this business connection, Chinese companies are from different provinces, so they bring more channels for the exhibitor team to expand, and this can allow both parties to have more time to understand each other. This provided the Australian Made exhibition team to advance communication with some domestic procurement teams, which can provide a good platform for the signing of the contract during the Expo.

Picture: Business Matching Event Conference
Picture: Business Matching exchange site

After business matching, Australian and Chinese companies attended cocktail parties together, so they can learn more about each other in a relaxed environment.

The main ingredients and drinks of the buffet were provided by the Australian exhibitor team. The purchasers had the opportunity to enjoy the all-natural beef, pork, fish, and dairy products brought by the Australian exhibitor team, as well as the good quality wine.

This also provides a good opportunity for exhibitors to display their products to buyers.

Picture: cocktail party after business matching

On 5th of November, the first day of the expo, Oz-Town organised exhibitors to participate in a business matching event which hosted by Hunan province. Ian Harrison spoke on behalf of the team to introduce the “Australian Made” logo and our exhibitor team.

Picture: Hunan province business matching conference
Picture: Hunan province business matching exchange site

On 7thof November, Oz-Town organized exhibitors to attend a business matching event hosted by Bank of China.

Photo: bank of China online business matching

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