Australia China Business Council Webinar 02/04/2020

The Australia China Business Council’s (ACBC)primary focus is to promote two way investment and trade between Australia and China and is the leading business organization between the two countries. ACBC is a bridge between the Australian government and the Chinese government, and is Australia’s largest business association with relations with China.

The Australia China Business Council, has representative offices in every state and territory in Australia. In China, the Australia China Business Council works with the Australia Chambers of Commerce to deliver services to its members.

Affected by the outbreak of coronavirus, the Australian government decided to support the development of small and medium enterprises with 110 million, of which 50 million would support export trade.

In March 2020, through continuous communication and negotiation, Oz-Town successfully locked in the 300 square meters of the food and beverages pavilion and the 100 square meters of the health care pavilion in November 2020.

There will be an ACBC online presentation at 12:00 noon on 02/04/2020.

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