Our Vision

Oz-Town is a fresh new approach that gives Australian companies access to the rewards of the booming Chinese market while negating the perils of such a large and complex marketplace. We see the demand for quality goods and services and that that demand is only going to continue to grow, particular with the implementation of the recently signed Free Trade Agreement.

We also believe that Australian producers are the best in the world and should not have to lose focus on what they do in order to concentrate on “cracking” the Chinese market. Our vision is for a proactive and multi faceted “Trade ,Investment , and Services Umbrella” for Australian companies  that will take care of all of the myriad negotiations, logistics and fulfilment processes that are part and parcel of the Chinese market place.

We are focused on the expanding demand for Australian Made products and related services in China and will continue to develop our network of retail channels. Additionally, we see the major opportunity of Chinese  investment back into Australia. Australian companies need more than just the desire to enter a major market, they need the financial resource as well. We understand this, and see a role for oz-town facilitating trade and finances in both directions.

Oz-Town will introduce Chinese High-Net-Worth (HNW) individuals to the education, investment and lifestyle benefits of Australia, sharing valuable insights and networks to build strategic partnerships and generate positive growth. This will enable Australian businesses and institutions to connect more readily with Chinese HNW individuals facilitating both trade and investment

Oz-Town will be an active advocate in expanding Australian trade relations with China and is currently developing an Australian ‘Green Channel’ into  China with related government and industry support.  We have very close working team together to building up the E-Commerce Empire and which will also open in JD Worldwide and TMALL.HK.




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