Oz-Town is honored worked with Vitaman-The only premium, all-natural, all-Australian men's brand in the market. Unlike any men's grooming brand available today. All the products are Made 100% in Sydney, Australia which can be purchased through our platform on Suning.com ( http://australianmade.suning.com/search/vitaman.html).


Vitaman’s AFTER SHAVE BALM WITH ORGANIC ALOE VERA & CALMING CHAMOMILE soothes and calms the skin whilst helping to heal and repair. It’s  antibacterial and antiseptic, and not only is it good for after shaving, but can be used to sooth sunburn and insect bites as well.








This Face Mud Masque with Australian Active Clay and organic Sandalwood Oil is made from 200 million year old clay. It hydrates the skin whilst drawing out toxins and supplying minerals. Its easy to use and helps improve blemished and problem skin.





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